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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What it means to be non-transitioning

.......for non-transitioning transgender, we aren't typically targeted by bigots or the right wing religious zealots. However, we endure the pain of their words and hate. We can get by in the world, on the outside. On the inside we mourn, on the inside we contemplate ending it all at some point. Non-transitioning doesn't mean we accept who we are, it means we have trouble accepting physical changes as a real solution. My getting surgery doesn't make me a girl, I already am, but my body will now be this imitation of a girl in the most shallow of ways. I'm not saying that those who do change their bodies are wrong or imitations, they are brave and glorious for their courage. I just feel this way about myself.

Powerful words from Beth on a subject you don't see often (although you're welcome to go through my own blog for similar posts).  What it means to be non-transitioning, is from Beth's blog, Right Brain Wrong Body.


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