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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Feminine Differential - Your Glasses

I like the way I look in glasses. In years past I wore contacts but found myself wearing glasses as Rhonda that were clear non-prescription. That was a lot of trouble for nothing. In my opinion, I believe that glasses soften my face and feminine frames take that a step further. 

Rhonda does look fab when wearing glasses!  Actually, she looks fab with or without glasses, but the eye glasses just add that extra touch.  She has some suggestions and comments on this subject in another entry of her Feminine Differential series.

The picture on the right shows a couple of our favorite bloggers.  Rhonda, on the left, and Joanna Santos, on the right.  The two recently met and had time to dine together twice.  You can read about this in Joanna's post, my dinners with Rhonda.

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