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Monday, September 9, 2019

Mojo recovered

There was also a bit of personal history because they wanted to hear about the issues I'd faced and therefore what other trans folk (at least like me) might also encounter. I spoke about coping mechanisms and what they - as counsellors - might encounter and, with careful listening and coaching, help a T person and/or their family with. We talked briefly about terms, longer on experiences, and they asked some great questions. How does it feel when you're able to be your other look? or Do you think your struggle in the early years was more internal or external issues?

It was so nice to see this post from Lynn.  She spoke to a leading counciling organization about.....well, I'll let Lynn tell the story.

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  1. Thanks for featuring the post, Calie. So good to see organisations trying to learn about trans people and how they can help.


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