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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Everything is Fine Here ...

I am posting one final time to say goodbye properly.

Halle is saying goodbye to her Two Spirits blog.  I've followed this blog from the very beginning.  Although Halle and I have never met I feel, through the magic of her beautiful written words, like I know her as a sister.  Alas, and like many who have completed their transition, Halle simply has nothing more to write about on the subject of two spirits.  Indeed, she is but one spirit, and that is all woman.  Go here for her final post and to a link to her other blog.

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  1. As some might know, I have been (and I hope continue to be) one of the contributors to T-Central.
    While, as Calie has written above, I feel there is little left for me to write on the subject of life as a woman in waiting, I am not going away. My memories of life as a transexual are quite intact. Comments left on any of my posts will be seen and all questions left will be answered (assuming they are asked with a degree of respect that we all deserve).
    While I could never bring myself to dress as a woman sometimes then have to go back to presenting as a male, I have empathy with those who struggle to keep that sort of life secret from family and business associates who wouldn't understand.

    My very best wishes to all of you who visit and support T-Central.


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