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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Bad apples

This week has seen two events that have sickened me. One was a person who was exposing themselves in a shop in Nottingham. The other was the conviction of a rapist. In both cases, the criminals in question identified as trans.



It just sickens me when I see someone identifying as trans committing crimes, as mentioned above.  I often wonder if a male, charged with rape or a male charged with indecent exposure can even be trans, at least by my definition.  To see the press use the word, "transgender", in conjunction with someone charged with a crime such as these just makes me sick.  We seem to be seeing more and more of this in our society, and while the crimes committed are dreadful and immoral, what they do to society's perception of those who are truly trans is just tragic.  If you haven't already read Bad Apples, please do.

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