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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time to Divide T-Central?

I wanted to thank all those who subscribe and follow the T-Central trans and glb related blogroll. As you can see, the number of transgender bloggers here on this page is quickly growing, and I think it might be time to add new categories, but I need your opinion!

What do you think? While they'd all stay on this main page, I'd like to see separate categories for the following blog types: Spouses and Significant Others who blog about the transition they face with their partners, blogs specifically about crossdressing or crossdressers, those who also do video blogs, religious-themed blogs, political themed blogs, personal transition, etc.

You tell me... should we add new categories or leave this as is with the ever expanding list of personal blogs written by Tgbl writers? These inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Hi Dear.
    I agree that it would be beneficial to all who use T-Central as a directory of personal blogs and information. I believe that it will grow as I have seen many new blogs that are less than a year old. Neatly catagorising the blogs will make it easier to find the information, or entertainment you are looking for.
    Thanks for everything,(I owe you alot girl. 19 followers as of today!)
    Lots of love,
    Julia Mitchell

  2. Julia would like it divided to be able to find exactly what she wants. And that's one way of looking at it. I look at it in a different way. If it's left as it is, I will have to search for what I want. In doing so, I will learn things that I may not have found if I went to just one catagory. Hey, it's like knocking on all the doors in the neighborhood. Your sure to get a mix of people and a mix of knowledge.

  3. Hmm, good point, Steph. I have to admit that approach is how I end up finding the blogs I do anyway. I look far and wide and come up with a mix bag of experiences and paths. However, it may grow a big too big not to at least have a couple of categories. I just have no idea how to divide them up.

  4. I may be missing the point here - as I so often do - but might it be possible to come up with category tags for each bloglist? That would allow them to all be together while still indicating what each is about.
    My nagging worry about things that are pre-sorted or customized to my queries, is that I will miss that most awesome thing I didn't even know to look for. I guess, I'm just trying to preserve the possibilty of serendipity.
    Then again, I may be entirely missing the point. In which case, in the immortal words of Emily Litella... "nevermind".

  5. Nice to have a list of blog sites and info that is relatively up to date. Perhaps, providing specific areas of content would narrow the seach and find issues. T-anks

  6. Hi Heather, I'm not sure I can utilize category tags like you mentioned, but I'm going to look into it. Tags are great for keyword searches in google or other search engines. I've learned that's the case by using Google Analytics.

    Estelle, I'm still not sure if it will go that way, but I may give it a shot. Thanks for the input!


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