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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Video Bloggers of Bloggerville Unite!

So another jumps into the waters of video weblogging, huh? This time it's our own temptress from down under (and I ain't talking about Australia!) Shinigami Liz. Then again, she's only HALF-demonness according to her ;)

But I'll let you go check out here blog (click HERE) and watch for yourself! Not bad not bad girlie, keep em coming!

So what the heckage does Shinigami mean anyhow?

1 comment:

  1. "Shinigami" is a Japanese word usually taken to mean the personification of Death, a concept imported to Japan from Europe. In popular culture, it has different meanings according to the application. In the anime "Bleach", the Shinigami are warriors who protect humanity from ghosts, and also convey the souls of the dead to the next life. In the anime "Death Note", however, Shinigami are evil demons from another plane who kill people to extend their own lives. I don't know Liz, so I can't tell which kind she might be. ;)


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