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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Nicky wrote a nice blog today. Too bad I managed to derail it right away by bringing up the mechanics of blog-writing.

But I think there's some value in discussing how we write blogs, why we write them that way, and what it means to our audiences.

Do you write with yourself in mind first, and assume your love and passion for whatever your topic is will come through and attract the right people, like moths to a flame?

Or do you consider your audience first and bend your prose to the limitations that imposes, like a sonnet must be bent to a certain structure?

Or do you not care about an audience at all, writing solely for yourself?

Personally, I see my blog as a relationship between myself and the people who read it. I want to entertain, inform, provoke, or inspire thought. Mostly, though, I want them to read what I have to say, and to that end, I try to make it as easy as possible for them.

Pretty much everyone here has a blog...that was the point of T-Central, to gather us all into one place. And every single one of us is an audience member for someone else, which means you have an opinion. So let's talk!

And in the meantime, check out Nicky's blog, because there was a lot more to get out of that one paragraph than what I led with in the comments section.

(Oh, and bonus points to the first person to tell us what the title of this blog means)


  1. "Too Long, Didn't Read"

    More usually written as "tl;dr"

    Where can I redeem my points? :-D

  2. I will be sending you 50,000 MH gold promptly.

  3. 7:36pm
    Renee Knipe sent me 50,000 gold.

    That was prompt!

    And now we've successfully derailed the comments here too. Sorry, everyone!

  4. That's okay, no one ever comments here anyway...

    (does the passive-aggressive thing work in the blogosphere?) ;)

  5. So can we officially retire "the all new Tcentral comment section" from Google friend connect?

  6. did I tell you that I ate a whole box of millionare shortbread biscuits today (wiki it) ?....unhealthy cake/biscuit obsession....
    thanks so much for thinking of me!! xxx

  7. Gee, I was going to comment, then read the comments. So...back to my blog reading...

    Oh, wtf...

    I write for myself. Good therapy. Some actually read it. I like to write. Writing is part of my job.

    When I read a post, I read the entire post.


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