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Monday, January 11, 2010

It's My Life

A fellow blogger recently shared a link to friend's blog.  This woman is a truck driver who is trying to give up long haul driving to work for companies that offer local driving in her area.  In her most recent post "The Unraveling," Julie shares how she applied for a position with a company but was told that she was denied employment...not based on her qualifications but because of her gender identity.   She was told that because she is still pre-op that she must obey male dress code standards.  How would you feel if you were told to cut your hair and wear attire opposite of how you identify, even if you've already begun transition and have legally changed your name and gender marker? 

Head on over to "It's My Life" and show your support for Julie. 


  1. I lost a great position only because they could not figure out my gender, since I am on the border of both they assumed I was gay and though I did the job quite well they released me stating I was not a good fit.

    Just keep plugging away hon, it will get you in quicker with some company that cares about you.

  2. I am currently seeking employment for the first time since my top surgery and legally changing my name. I often wonder if I'm not getting jobs because of my "lack" of qualifications or because of my transition.

  3. I am extremely impressed by the long and comprehensive list of blogs listed but wonder why my blog isn't included?

    Could anyone tell me why?

    I would really like to be included.
    Many thanks and please forgive me posting here and it not being connected directly to the header story but I dont know who to write to in theis regard.

    Helen xx


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