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Friday, April 23, 2010

Question on Improving T-Central

I've received some mixed responses about access and the loading speed of T-Central.  I am on a broadband connection and generally use a speedy MacBookPro viewing in Firefox or Safari, and I rarely have any delays in page loads.  Sure, there are a couple of "Followers" gadgets and the extensive list of blogs takes some time to generate thumbnails for each site, but aren't you drawn into a particular page because of the title and thumbnail?  Would you rather have only titles to blogs and have a followers page moved to a separate page where people could go there separately? What other things could be done to make things better?

I'm not able to spend as much time and energy on reading t-blogs as I'd like, but I need some feedback on how to continue to make this a simple site that keeps the many different blogs and perspectives centralized for those desiring a central location for their frequent blog reading.

If you've ever benefited by our work to incorporate a massive blog list like this, please leave a comment on how we can make it a better and faster loading site for all.   If you're interested in being a contributor to the featured posts (the ones posted in this section of the page), please send me an email to lorisrevival at gmail dot com.   We're looking for either contributors to post original content or reviews of other blogs of special interest.  As always, this is a personal site and we have the right to refuse or publish the content submitted.

Lori D.


  1. I have never had a problem with this site opening in a timely manner except at work - which I know is our server's fault.

    I think if someone is having an issue with this site opening fast enough - some things on their end should be looked at first before assigning blame to t-central.

  2. What the gun person least since I got my new computer.

  3. Calie you got a new computer? You mean you finally replaced that old Apple IIe? lol

  4. Comments will necessarily skew to "no problem for me" won't they? Those least blessed with speedy connections and modern equipment will incline to infrequently/never visiting the site--thus not in a position to comment. Likewise, if one mails out a survey asking if people have reliable mail delivery you'd--more-or-less of necessity--get back positive responses. This reflects the ability to respond, rather than reality.

    I'm not especially deprived (PC with average specs for 2-3 years old, Vista, cable modem). Using IE site tends to freeze/lock--rarely permanent, but of longer duration than with any other site I visit regularly.

    With Safari, the page never stops loading (and this condition usually prevents accessed blogs from loading too). Since all substantive content loads in like two seconds and the page never freezes, the problem is easily addressed by terminating loading the geegaws (hundreds of follower thumbnails the main culprit AFAIK)--when I remember to do it! Usual process is: 1. Launch T-Central 2. Click blog header 3. Notice blog window won't load 4. Close blog window 5. Stop T-Central loading 6. Open blog again. Win!

    Safari problem occurs +95% of time on T-Central; roughly 1% of time all elsewheres.

    Mere inconvenience for me. But I do think T-Central is a valuable enough resource that accessibility for the least priviledged should be prioritized.

  5. Thank you, Marisa. This is precisely the info I needed, and I largely agree with you. While there is no priority to any specific group, I originally formed T-Central so whoever wanted to read a varied list of t-related blogs could do so without the use of a fancy RSS feed reader. The site is nothing more than it's own massive blogroll, but page loads for those with poor connections do bother me. That being said, I'm going to see if I can make some small modifications to load pages faster.

    Lori D.


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