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Monday, April 5, 2010

Maintaining the Facade

So what happens when you've finally acknowledged that you're not like other "normal" people out there yet accept the reality that you can't or won't transition for whatever reason?  You might stumble onto T-Central and read the various bloggers out there who have chosen to radically alter the course of their lives by transitioning gender.  Or, you might opt to fight the good fight and do everything in your power to accept yourself while maintaining the status quo with family, work, and most importantly, yourself. 

It's a life that we don't quite often read about enough.  Let's face it, the blogs you read on T-Central focus mostly on the transitioning aspects of transsexualism or the crossdressing side of, well, crossdressing. 

Thanks to Calie and this POST, Halle is yet another person choosing to share her perspective of that of a non-transitioner.  At least for now, right?  Kidding aside, I think it's high time we see and read about those in what might be the silent majority who might not otherwise share their story for fear of being judged, outed, or silenced.  We all deserve a voice, even those who don't follow the same path others take.

Halle's blog "Maintaining the Facade" can be found HERE

Oh, and thanks for the awesome words about me, Calie.  You'll always be family to me.

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