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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Transitional Journey With Alex

In her post, Ending It All, Halle wrote recently about the demise of various TG blogs. She stated it well, when she asked:

What happens to all of that collective experience, the wisdom, the tragedy, the humor that is being shared here when a blog ends?

It is sad to see a blog go away but sometimes it's necessary.

Think of it this way:

The author of a T-blog, in her early days, was a "male" using a female alias (That would be me). But, a few years later, that alias becomes a legal name and, rightfully so, our girl wants to go stealth and get on with her she shuts down her blog.

Like Halle, I love to see a fully transitioned woman continue to leave her blog up and share her life experiences with others, but I also understand why some shut their blogs down.

Alexandra is a blogger who has been around for many years. She is someone who changed my life, via her blog (and I'll blog about that one of these days). Alex has kept her blog up for all to see, and she continues to share her experiences with us.

I encourage those who have not followed Alex's blog to find some time to read it. It reads like a book....from her early days as a crossdresser, to her current life as an intelligent and beautiful woman in a very successful career.

Alex went through good times and bad times to get to where she is today, and its all there for you to read in A Transitional Journey With Alex.

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