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Friday, August 13, 2010

And Now, Back to Our Regular Programming

Over the past few weeks you have read the thoughts and reflections, relating to transitioning, from some excellent guest bloggers. The goal was to publish a diverse group of guest posts. For the most part, I think we succeeded. You've read the thoughts from some in transition, from some who are post transition, and from some who who most likely should transition but are attempting to remain status quo. You've read "Z's" thoughts and Caden's thoughts. You've heard from FtM's and MtF's.

We really wanted the thoughts of a transitioner's spouse. I had one essay lined up and am still expecting it, but it has been delayed due to personal reasons. If I get it, one of us will post it.

I also sought out one or more who regretted transitioning, but never found someone who would commit to an essay. There are some well known sites on the Internet regarding transition regrets. I don't want to link to them here, but I will send links to those interested. Just send me an email.

All of the guest blogs will be archived on a separate page on the T-Central soon as one of us gets around to it.

My heartfelt thanks go out to our guest authors:


I also want to thank our T-Central team members: Veronica, Renee, Christianne, and Halle, for assisting and for just putting up with me.

Oh, and I can't forget Karen, who has set up the T-Central Facebook site. Thanks, Karen!

Your response to these posts has been tremendous, and it's obvious that you want more. We're going to give it a rest for now, however. In a few months, we'll start up another series of guest posts.

If you're trans, and would like to do a future guest post, please contact me.

I also want to thank Lori. While no longer directly associated with T-Central, she remains the heart, soul, and founder of T-Central. It was Lori who suggested the idea of doing these guest posts.

And now, back to our regular programming.

- Calie


  1. This was a fabulous series. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed their stories and those who helped bring it about!


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