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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ever Want to HEAR a Blogger?

Alex, our first guest blogger featured a few weeks ago on T-Central, is featured prominently in an LGBT Scottish radio show this week.

She sounds great!  The link will be up for a week.

Go HERE to HEAR Alexandra.  Go HERE to SEE Alexandra.

Oh, and you North Americans.....isn't her accent just lovely?

 - Calie


  1. Thanks for highlighting the show Calie, you are a star hunni.
    I hope all those who do tune in find what is said of interest.
    Alex. x

  2. Alex, I love your voice! I wish I could sound as natural as you do. Good job on the show!

  3. Thanks Veronica.
    My voice has improved over the years as I've lived full time in my new gender role. I now find it totally natural the way it is now, and can't do the male voice any longer. I do tend to notice now that whenever I'm on the phone, I no longer get mistaken for being male, which is lovely. x


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