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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lets hear it for an old fashioned newspaper...

The Guardian is a stalwart of UK serious newspapers, and come with a reputation for being a bit 'lefty' and liberal, a bit 'right on' and a long standing, although now demised reputation for spelling errors [It is told that one time, they printed their own name as "The Grauniad" and since then it has stuck as an affectionate nickname.]
But what the Guardian has always had in spades is old fashioned journalism, helped by the fact it's not owned by a company or a person, but by a Trust who's sole aim is to do good journalism and it is always one of those institutions that slowly forms and shapes the larger collective opinion, both here in the UK and also abroad.
So why are we making all this noise about a liberal UK paper here on T-Central? Because it seem slowly and surely the Guardian has decided that trans issues should be discussed properly and an adult manner without caricature, any hint of a high handed manner or prejudice.
They have been running a series entitled "A transgender journey", a bi-weekly blog by Juliet Jacques as she transitions, and recent pieces on the inclusion in a teen TV soap of a FTM character along with other well handled and sympathetic articles.

So let's hear it for an old fashioned piece of the media doing it's bit for trans issues because it probably feels it's the right thing to do - The Guardian is kinda like that deep down....


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  1. There is a blog post here about how the Guardian series came about:


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