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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our last post resulted in a firestorm of comments on T-Central as well as on the two referenced blogs.  Sometimes, I think there are some out there who forget just how strong a word "respect" is, and what it means to all of us.

Elizabeth did a post this morning and ended it with this:

PS. My first day of therapy my therapist asked me “What does being transsexual mean to you?” I said “What do you mean?” She said this:

“Every transsexual person may have a different idea of what being transsexual is and I always want to respect that.” –Dr. Nancy Eisenman NYC

That is a very powerful and beautiful statement in my opinion.

I agree.

You can read the entire post, What The Hell is Wrong With You Girls?, here.


  1. I would humbly suggest that when you move from talking about yourself to talking about other people the standard of respect ought to rise considerably. That doesn't seem to be the case in a lot of this. People are turning the same self-damning eye which all trans-people possess onto other trans people with no filter in between. That's when things seem to get super-nasty.

  2. Elizabeth has expressed some very nice sentiments. Personally I have a simple outlook on other people. I have found that there is always something in another person that I can look up to. I search for that.

    But .... it is also important to not get so carried away with being PC (politically correct) that honest debate is stifled.

  3. Thank you Callie. I want to see us respect each regardless of motives, definitions, and the timeline of transition.


  4. Respect seems to be the "Cliff's Notes" word that is forgotten sometimes. Sometimes we perceive offense where none is intended.

    We aren't always aware of the battles the other person is facing. That alone makes respect that much more important.

    While I think Diana is onto something in her observation, I also believe it's now time for us to cease fire and concentrate on important things.

    Life is way too short for BS.



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