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Monday, August 8, 2011

Would You Ever Stop Crossdressing or Transition?

An interesting post from our friend, Jessica De Leon, of Jessica Who?.

She believes "that cross dressing / transgender nature is not something that can be extinguished".

What do you think?  Go to to Would You Ever Stop Crossdressing or Transition? and leave a comment.

If you haven't visited Jessica's blog, you're in for a treat.  Take a look at some of her videos while you're there.


  1. I won't speak to crossdressing since I am not a crossdresser. With respect to transition, if one transitions, presumably, she's a woman. In that sense, asking someone if she'd stop transitioning is the same as asking a woman-assigned-at-birth if she'd live as a man. Of course she wouldn't.

    I submit that if one can even come up with a condition in which she'd answer "Yes" to this question, she shouldn't be transitioning in the first place. Because all those questions, all those STOP signs, should have been answered before one transitioned.

  2. As a lifelong crossdresser what I can tell you for me is yes if it was a life or death choice I could stop dressing. The best way to explain this is pick something that you truly love in your life and then give it up. I may be able to stop the crossdressing but I would never be able to stop thinking about it or wanting to crossdress. The difference between Crossdressers and Transsexuals I think is Transsexuals need to be female, they feel they are female and there body does not match, Crossdressers like to be female but either way you can’t stop being who you are.


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