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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You're a P-Packing, Less-than-real-woman, Man-in-a-dress

Lori's upset and who can blame her?  In her words, referring to the title of this post:

That's really what it comes down to by some, isn't it?  If you've charged through transition as much as you've been able and have not measured up to some mythical standard, you're likely to be called one of those things. Oh, and the list goes on:  Faggot, tranny, freak, he/she...   You get the point. I'll stop just because many of my own friends (including myself) have endured such name calling from those who they thought loved and cared for them.   Many of us know what it feels like to be bullied by outsiders who cannot empathize with an incongruent gender/sexual identity.  I've seen the bruises on bodies to prove it.

Sadly, those trigger-words aren't only being said by outsiders, but by the very people who claim to have walked more than a mile in your shoes.  And just because they've "arrived" at being a "true woman," now they feel empowered to become the victimizer, belittling those very people who are already brutalized. 
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