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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"If you treat the witch standing by the roadside with respect and courtesy, she will reward you with useful advice and powerful magic."

Do folk stories of elves and witches have meaning for us today?

Are there modern myths that can help make sense of our inner lives?

Jack Molay's beautifully crafted post Spellbound transgender deals with these issues and more.

Jack invites us to follow a new series of posts too. As he says, "If you are truly transsexual, your transsexual condition cannot be overcome through myths, arts or psychotherapy. But I am sure the symbols can be used by you to make sense of the life you are living."


  1. This makes me want to sit down with Jack and have a conversation of the relationship between humans and those elemental beings that he speaks of.

  2. In viewing some of the pictures, Jung's theory of the anima, specifically anima possession, comes to mind.


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