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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Husband Would Have Been Useful

    When she is not showing us the paths and byways of her native Cornwall, Angie spends some of her time creating model railways.
    Female railway modelers, it seems, are so rare as to be unheard of. So what is a girl to do when she has her eye on a Southern Railway upper quadrant signal kit and the only place to buy one is a quiet model shop in a small English town?
    Read her solution here: A Husband Would Have Been Useful. Passing stories are rarely like this one!


  1. Years ago, probably in the 1980's - it's so long ago, I can barely remember who told me and where (damn, showing my age! (again...)) - someone told me that there were many model railroading crossdressers. (It was well before "transgender" was known, except to some cognoscenti!)

    Whenever I read a model railway magazine - something I do often - I keep picturing glamorous gals, decked out in amazing gowns, heels and makeup - worrying whether their 5:15 from wherever will coincide with the 5:27 freight... :-)

    I should post the pictures of my little (very little) Holiday Lionel/Marx train layout! :-) (Psst, don't tell anyone; it's a secret fantasy of mine to run the railroad, which is in the dining room, while I'm looking glamorous and having fondue and wine with the Mrs. :-D This year - for definite!)

  2. It does seem to be a common thread. Can't admit to owning a model railway, but I have explored more than my fair share of abandoned cuttings and embankments.

  3. Loved the story and the pictures of the boats on the water!

  4. I'm truly flattered to find my little blog here. 'Thank you'!

    Winter is closing in fast, so the paths and byways of Cornwall will have to stay untrodden by this girl for a few months.



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