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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coming Out

As read from their profile, Cynthia and Sevan have been together through thick and thin since March 2004. Cynthia started her transition in Oct 2009 and Sevan started per transition shortly after in Nov 2009.

Cynthia Lee and Sevan both contribute to their blog, Candiussel Corner, A Family in Transition. They've had a prolific blog going for about two years now and what they write is always of interest and well thought out.  They will always identify which one of them authored a particular post.

Recently, they have done a series of posts on the subject of "coming out". Here are the links to the first four posts:

Coming Out, Part 1 (Sevan)

Coming Out, Part 2 (Cynthia Lee)

Coming Out, Part 3 (Sevan)

Coming Out, Part 4 (Sevan)

Both have put a lot of time and thought into their blog.  If you enjoy it, let them know by becoming a follower of Candiussel Corner.

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  1. Thank you so much T-Central for showcasing Cyndi and I! We're honored. :)


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