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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So I Outed My Kid Today...

In the fall, he announced he was growing his hair long and wanted to dye it purple. I picked up a box of Lusty Lavender, complete with a picture of a teenage boy with purple hair. Jeremy’s hair came out fushcia and turned to pink within days. I worried about how people would react and was relieved to find it was mostly positive. I asked Jeremy what he thought of his new style.

“I look fab-u-lous” he sang, gesturing madly. I had to agree, he certainly did.

Last week, I was watching a video about a young transgender girl in the US. Jeremy sat down beside me and watched the girl intently.

“She’s kind of like me,” he said, his gaze focused on the screen. “Except she looks like a girl. I look like a boy and feel like a boy but I have the brain of a girl.”

That wasn’t a surprise either.

Because I'm Fabulous is a blog written by the mom of a gender nonconforming child.....Jeremy.  This mom writes under the pseudonym of Michelle.  She writes novels under her "real" name which, for obvious reasons, she's not sharing with us.

She's a good mom, and she is fabulous.  Just read her blog and you'll agree.  But, I believe the "fabulous one" the blog is named after is Jeremy.

The excerpt from Michelle's blog, above, is from the first post, An Introduction.  In this post, she briefly describes moments in Jeremy's life from pre-age-seven to "their" (Michelle often uses the zir gender neutral pronouns when referring to Jeremy) teenage years.....the present.

The featured post is titled, So I Outed My Kid Today...  It's a light-hearted, and interesting read, describing how Michelle, well.... "outed her kid". 

Because I'm Fabulous is updated nearly every day.  You're going to want to add this one to your reading list.


  1. I'm biased, but I think Michelle and her kids are all fabulous people, I hope everyone loves her blog as much as I do.


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