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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Personal Pronoun Problems

Transfinite Love is a blog written by a lovely, open-minded woman who refers to herself as "Joyful Girl".  

How can I describe our blog author?  I thought about it and decided to just copy and paste her first post, My New Normal.

"The black is sexier but the pink makes my boobs look better. What do you think?"

I am modeling lingerie for my husband Jake and his online friends.

Jake is lounging on the bed, shirtless, wearing a woman's wig. He is 56 days into hormone replacement therapy to become a woman. It's topless night for his Google+ support group, and trans women in various stages of transition are hollering from his computer screen: Ooh girl that's hot! The black, definitely the black! Yes, the black, you look gorgeous!

"Thanks, OK black it is!" I blush, darting embarrassed away from the camera, even though I am the most conservatively dressed for topless night.

I slip clothes over the black nightie and kiss Jake goodbye.

"See you in a couple hours; I'll be home by midnight."

"Ok, have fun baby!"

I lean in front of the camera and wave, "Thanks again ladies. Have a good night!"

I head out to have mind-blowing hot sex with my new boyfriend. I'll be back in time for a bedtime snuggle with Jake, to tell him about my date and hear how much fun he had chatting with his t-girls, before we fall asleep.

Four months ago I had a completely hetero-normal life. Jake and I were married for seven years, faithfully monogamous for the twelve years we'd been together. We were planning to start a family soon.

I could not have dreamed up my new life. I sure as hell never would have asked it for it. But this is my new normal. And I love it.

(August 2013)

We'll have more from Joyful Girl in our next Trans Thoughts and Reflections series, coming up soon.

For now, she has a lot to day about pronouns.  Go here for her latest post.

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  1. Aw what a lovely surprise-- thank you so much for featuring my blog!! I already have an outline in my head for a Thoughts & Reflections piece. It's 7 (number TBD) Awesome Things About Finding Out Your Husband is a Woman. :) My work schedule is insane this time of year and I haven't had the time or energy to write much lately, but I won't forget!


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