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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's Been Almost 10 Years

I'm posing in a romantic location I'd been visiting since I was seven. The photo is being taken by my boyfriend who loves me very much. This was our first proper holiday together. I'm wearing hotpants and a cami with confidence. I've got my legs on show. My hair looks lovely. I'm wearing next to no makeup. I feel pretty. More important I feel confident and happy....How on earth did I get there?.....

How did she get there?  

How does she look? 

The picture and the answer is in Jane's latest post, It's Been Almost 10 Years.

Josephine was the name Mom told me she had ready for the little girl she had expected.  Robyn was the name I got given because I was actually a little boy.  Was it strange that Mom should choose a name that would do for either sex in the end?

The excerpt, above is from Jane's post, Josephine.  If you want to know Jane better, this post takes you back to her beginnings.

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