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Monday, November 10, 2014


Lucy has a few things to say about trans-activism.  It's written so well that Lucy could certainly be a trans-activist if she wanted to.

Take a look at Lucy's excellent post, Trans-Activism.

And, while you're at it, go back to 2009 and read Lucy's Transsexual Manifesto.

It really is a pleasure to read something that is so well written.  This girl can write!!

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  1. I never fail to feel honoured when featured on T-Central, especially when you reflect that my personal situation is 'easy', and that for me 'the war is over'. At least it seems to be. Perhaps I'm quite wrong, and that at some point, when I attempt living at a deeper level than now, I will discover a few problems that others might appreciate hearing about! Well then, let's anticipate some ueful posts yet to come.

    I really don't want to be an activist. I'm not a political animal, I dislike argument for its own sake, and I don't want to sound off on a public platform. The blog is a sufficient vehicle if I feel driven to air an opinion.

    I do feel however that I am, and should be, a Trans Ambassador, a person who can influence others. That's a responsibility. People in my position - the ones who have gone through The Entire Process, have an afterlife, and are able to share it - should behave sensibly and well, and not tell untruths. They should take care to mention both the good and the bad, the mundane as well as the sensational, and not kid everyone that they now lead perfect lives free of all concerns and irritations. Let's have straightforward unvarnished reality. That's why you get unflattering pictures of me frowning over incomprehensible instruction leaflets! And not myself in a pink and fluffy dream. And yet, in a way, I am sure that these dull domestic episodes are evidence that the glittering prize of 'Normal Life' is completely achievable.



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