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Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's so nice to meet an old friend ...

How many of you out there have met someone else you can identify with, from a trans perspective?  I'm talking about someone you can look in the eye, over coffee, lunch, dinner, etc.; someone you can talk to openly; someone you can cry with; someone you can laugh with; someone who really understands what you are going through.  

It was many years ago when I first met someone else I could identify with and talk with openly about things that only someone else who is trans can understand.  I'll never forget that day.  It was at a Starbucks coffeehouse.  I was petrified when I walked in.  My new friend was relaxed and waiting for me.  I was on cloud nine for many days after that.  It was the day that I finally found someone who could answer my questions and empathize with what I was going though.

I live in what some may consider the center of the trans universe, in a city where transgender folks are plentiful and are more accepted than in many other parts of the world.  For me, with many, many transwomen close by, finding someone to chat with over coffee was relatively easy to do, once I had the nerve to actually do it.

Some, however, live in relatively remote areas, totally devoid of anyone else who is openly trans.  Such is the case with my dear friend and T-Central admin, Halle, who lives in rural Ontario, Canada.  Halle has T-friends all over the world but, until yesterday, had never actually met, face-to-face, another transwoman or transman.  

Thanks to fellow bloggers, April and Cassidy, Halle was introduced to another blogger, Alice, who lives not too far from her.  The two got together, over lunch, and....well I'm sure Halle will be blogging about this, but why not read about it from Alice's perspective and discover a new blog?  Read, It's so nice to meet an Old Friend..., from Alice in Wonderland.

You may note that none of this would have happened had Halle, April, Alice and Cass not been part of the blogging world. If you've been thinking about blogging, get your feet wet and start doing it!  You won't be disappointed!

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