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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Weight of Waiting

The longer a person lives as the wrong sex, the more likely they will develop a persona that matches their physical body. This is especially true if the person has been very susceptible to gaslighting, believing what others and their own bodies are telling them instead of trusting their own thoughts and feelings. As time goes on, people establish lives. They get jobs, become involved in relationships, get married, and even have children. They become more and more invested in the status quo.

Time for a blast from the past!  Sagebrush (never did figure out who this person is/was) wrote a number of excellent posts in a "limited edition" blog a few years ago.  The Weight of Waiting is from December, 2011, and the advice contained in this post still applies today.  

Transsexualism: A Congenital Disorder, is still listed on T-Central, way down towards the bottom of the page, in the Cobweb Corner section.


  1. Hi Calie if you read the entire blog (and I think I have at some point) the writer is from the old school of transsexuals who tries to invalidate the experience of people who fall under the gender variant or transgender umbrella. many of these people took great glee in pointing out that others in what we now term the transgender umbrella were just pretenders while they themselves suffered from a medical condition. Its an all too familiar tune which is falling out of favour as we understand more and more about this condition. There is every reason to think that this is not an all or nothing proposition but rather a graded phenomenon which writers like this one clearly did not believe in.


  2. Hi Joanna. Oh yes, I followed every post of that blog. At the time, I'd consider the author a moderate as opposed to some of the right wing followers of the old theories. I still think that the posts by this author were worth reading and that this particular post was a good one to feature. Also, within reason, it's always good to look at the viewpoints of others.

    Calie xx


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