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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Am I a  Crossdresser

Am I transgendered and fated to be neither fully male nor female

or am I, as I have questioned every day of my life since memory, TS, a girl in my heart of hearts

or maybe I am just "nuts" 

These are questions Sarah asks herself in the first post of her blog, Life is a wheel.  I'm sure many can relate to these questions.

In Sarah's latest post, Denial, she questions her strong life-long desires to transition and why she hasn't yet transitioned.

Life is a wheel is a new blog that hasn't been featured on T-Central.  With her first post, in mid-June, Sarah has already posted 15 times.  Looks like we have added another prolific writer to the T-Central list!

If, as I do, you enjoy bloggers who share their thoughts openly, you'll like Sarah's blog.  While you're visiting Life is a wheel, be sure to register as a Follower.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for Featuring my Blog and hope any late bloomers like myself will come and share their thoughts with me.

    Sarah T


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