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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

crossdressing is a verb

The act of cross dressing seems to be a primordial need in many of us from a very tender age. We remember going into our mother's closet and trying on her shoes and clothing all the while never understanding why. It was simply our normal.

"It was simply our normal".  Joanna nailed it, didn't she?  Is there anyone, trans, who doesn't agree with that?  Read more at Crossdressing is a verb.

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  1. Yes, cross-dressing is a verb just like walking is a verb. He who engages in walking is a walker, just as he who engages in cross dressing is a cross dresser. Why must it be any more complicated than that? Unless one is trying to dissemble and confabulate in an effort to hide from their shame and their guilt or maybe just justify their behavior to others.


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