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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wall to Wall Stuff

We're losing two long time bloggers this week.  In the last T-Central post, it was announced that Kathleen is shutting down her Genderblog site.  This post features Stace's Musings of an I.T. Girl.  While Stace is not yet shutting down the blog, she has all but said that she doesn't expect to do many more posts.

Wall to Wall Stuff is a nice summary of Stace's life since she started the blog in 2009.  The facts are unique to Stace, but similar to many who have gone through the pain of gender dysphoria and the actual decision to transition.

The good news is that T-Central has added two new blogs this week:

Confessions of Anna, Secret Poet and It's All About My Lucy.

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  1. Stace's blog has been a wonderful read. Some of the posts have been difficult for her to write. Others, were joyful. It's a shame to see if close, but as Stace said, she's living her life, and that, I think, is the best thing of all.


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