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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Think a Thought For Fate

I felt cared for. “You’ll just feel a little sting now.” I’ve had so many blood tests these last twelve months that I wasn’t really bothered but either way that initial sting was still there and this time the needle would remain in my arm for what felt like at least two or three minutes. I never look. I don’t mind blood unless it’s my own, at least not until the caps are on those vials and they’re all laying on the metal tray in all their deep rose glory.

This is simply another post documenting Hannah's gender journey.  In this case, a blood test....actually several.  It's Hannah's writing style, however, that makes this such an enjoyable post to read.  Oh, and she wanted that job by the sea.  Did she get it?   Go to, Think a Thought For Fate, to find out.

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