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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sam Kane

Sam Kane, who has transitioned M-F-M, with vaginoplasty, then some sort of operation to create an “approximation” of male genitalia, has now transitioned back, but does not feel she needs further surgery. "Does it really matter what’s “down there?” "What’s in your head, heart and soul only matters". Well, that is the fashion. We all had The Operation back then, now increasing numbers don’t. And we object to journalists prying and disclosing what is between our legs, in prurient, sly, giggly articles for Daily Mail readers to get shocked or turned on over. 

Sam Kane is a London lawyer, born male, transitioned to female, detransitioned to male, and transitioned again to female.  Despite all of this, He/She/He/She has done pretty well for herself.  She lives in a 3 million British Pound (3.7 million dollar) home and drives a red Mercedes. 

Clare has a lot to say about Sam Kane in her latest post, which is a good read.


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