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Monday, May 1, 2017

religious orthodoxy and dysphoria

One could argue that if God made you perfectly male or female, you wouldn't suffer from gender dysphoria and, whether devinely mandated or not,nothing that is derived from nature is wholly predictable, monolithic or steeped in perfection.

Joanna writes about a subject that haunted me for many years....the inner battle between your religion (in my case, Catholic) and being transgender.  In this case, she writes about an Orthodox Christian who faces the same issues but is convinced that no matter what he does to his body (HRT, surgery, etc.), he will never be a woman.  Joanna links to a video blog where he states his case (while looking very good presenting as quite feminine).  Religious orthodoxy and dysphoria is a good read, from Joanna.  The 15 minute video blog is also worth watching.

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