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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why I Wish All My Patients Were Transgender

I saw an older woman recently for something totally unrelated to gender care.  She had seen on my practice’s website that I treat transgender patients and asked me, point-blank, if I just treat the hormonal issue, or if I also “agree with the lifestyle.”  I have to admit that stopped me cold for a beat.  What I wanted to say was, “I completely reject the premise of your question.  This is not a lifestyle, nor is it a choice.  Rather, this is about the fundamental essence of who they know they should become, as a person.” 

Hormones Demystified is a terrific blog, authored by an anonymous endocrinologist.  This is a blog dealing with hormone treatment and not necessarily focusing on transgender patients.  The author, however, gets it.  He/She gets us (I suspect the pronoun is "she"!).  Why does the author wish "All My Patients Were Transgender"?  Go to the post for a wonderful and surprising answer.

And, while you're over at this site, you might want to also read, Top 10 Things To Tell Your Endocrinologist To Make Her Cringe……and want to flee the exam room ASAP.

Hormones Demystified is now listed on the right side of the T-Central home page.

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  1. My general practitioner always greets me with a beaming smile, I have watched her greet other patients and they do not always get anything like the same greeting. She gets it, we had to work through this together and she has seen a patient bloom and ben able to deal with subsequent similar patients with greater confidence. We can be truly be transformed and not just physically, few other patients can give such complete satisfaction.


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