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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Girl “Friends”

I could play with a girl as long as we could do what I wanted, but if she wanted to do really girly things, like play Barbie where I had to be one of the girl dolls, I was out of there.  I could deal with being Ken, but not Barbie.

I just love this post.  It's so....from the heart and so real.  

It's more than that, however.  I've read many ftm blogs, but this post really shows me that no matter what our birth gender is we, who identify as trans, are really the same.  I wanted to play with the girls.  Shawn wanted to play with the boys.  We both wanted what we couldn't have at the time.


  1. Hi Calie,
    I wanted to read your featured post 'Girl"Friends" ' but the link does not work. Is the link wrong? Love Linda

  2. Hi Linda. This post dates back a few years. Apparently the blog has been deleted. I usually try to remember to check the link prior to re-posting but forgot this time. So Sorry.

    It's pretty common for a TS blogger (this one Female to Male) to delete their blog once they have transitioned. Too bad, this one was a good one. I'll delete this page in a few days once I know you have received my response.

    Calie xxx


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