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Friday, August 18, 2017

Humble Beginnings - Pandora and I, et al.

I had to register with a GP and the lovely Indian lady doctor in the surgery around the corner from the house took me on. I explained my situation and the fact that I felt I should have been female, and asked her advice. Surprisingly she had come across this before and was familiar with the Benjamin protocols, the real life test, hormone therapy and referrals for psychologist assessments etc.

This post is a life-story, from Dawn.  After leaving the Services, she realized that transitioning from male to female was in her future.  At this point, she's in her 60th year, has a partner and is quite happy.  Did she transition?  You can find the answer by reading about her Humble Beginnings.  This is a rather long post, so grab some tea or coffee and enjoy.

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