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Friday, February 9, 2018

Does "Passing" Equal Privilege?

If you are fortunate enough to have (or are transitioning) favorably, does that give you the right to say you are more trans than another, or worse yet, turn your back on the entire LGBT community? Well, first of all, no one is more trans than another. Where does that even come from?

Unfortunately, I know of several former friends who have transitioned and have totally abandoned the trans community who helped them to get to where they are today.  They transition, they pass, and they're afraid of being clocked simply by being around those who are in transition or have not yet in transitioned.  Good post from Cyrsti. 


  1. So I read this post and frankly, found it a bit hard to follow. Too rambling and politically correct. I say that because of the obvious bias.
    Nevertheless it all comes back to the conflation and redefinition of language.
    Many of the words and ideas promulgated as TRUTH really only have relevance within this illusion called the "community".
    At least note was taken that those who have successfully transitioned, have indeed "moved on" and blended/integrated into the mainstream of our society.
    From my perspective, those who are not quite sure where, (and WHY) they they are going, seem to be stuck in the "community" and proud to be there.

    1. So, if the "community" is an illusion, those who are confused or unsure are stuck in an illusion? Are you saying, then, that they are really disillusioned?

  2. A simple answer to a seemingly simple question: "Does passing equal privilege?"
    I would say yes.


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