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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hiya Dermatologist, Yup They're Boobs

......thinking back to a day, oh so long ago, that I was worried about wearing women's underwear to the doctor's office.  I mean, what if they found out?  What if they were to somehow find out that I was wearing women's underwear!  Oh the horror, the horror!!  At one point in my life I actually felt that way, and yet on this day, I had to laugh.

The visit to the doctor's office, that Nadine is referring to, was a long time ago.  This week, she visited the dermatologist, and she's grown a bit in one part of her body.  She had some explaining to do.  How did her doctor react?  Read, Hiya Dermatologist, Yup They're Boobs, for the rest of the story.  

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