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Monday, April 16, 2018

Portuguese transgender girl drugged by force to stop her from expressing her identity

Independent women were treated for “hysteria”, homosexual and trans people were given so-called “conversion therapy” using electroshock and nausea inducing drugs. This is no longer possible in civilized countries, Portugal included, but it is possible to use the system in other ways.

The "other ways", in this case and used at a psychiatric hospital in Portugal, means the use of the anti-psychotic drug, Xepilon, to keep this MtF transgender youth compliant and docile.  Jack Molay has detailed her story in a blog post he authored for The Medium.  If you read it, and you should, you're going to come away feeling sick and perhaps even crying for this young transgender girl.  

Jack is convinced this case represents a clear violation of the human rights of a transgender person and is doing all he can to assist her.

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