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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Trans children II

Which would you prefer? To be always noticeable as a trans woman, to be subject at any time to others’ prejudices, but to be fertile and able to father a child, or to be indistinguishable from any other woman, albeit one without a womb, but sterile? Can you decide, aged even 18, whether you will want children at some time?

Another post from Clare that makes you think.  Puberty blockers can delay or stop the secondary sex characteristics that begin to appear at puberty. Should the child transition, stopping those secondary sex characteristics can make such a difference for that child later in life.  It's call passing.  For a male-to-female transgender child, that means a female voice, no head hair loss while also preventing the growth of facial hair, breasts, slower body growth, etc.  For a female-to-male transgender child, just the opposite.  Regardless of the birth gender, it may also mean sterility.  When it comes to transgender children and puberty blockers, should it be the child's decision, the parent's decision, or the doctor's decision.  Clare's comments can be found at Trans children II.

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