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Monday, July 23, 2018

It’s been awhile

Christopher Alexander held me over a 12th floor  balcony once.  He held me over the balcony and he told me he was going to drop me.  He told me that my body would hit the perspex roof below and that nobody would find me until the next day.  He told me it would be classed a suicide.  Christopher told me that if I moved or screamed he would drop me.  He told me that even if I didn’t move or scream he would probably  drop me.

This blog post has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of transgender.  This is a blog post about horrific abuse on a woman, by a man.  The woman happens to be the blogger and author of this post.  The woman could, however, be any woman, including a transwoman.

The author of this post, is the loving mother of a trans child - Izzy - and there are many posts about Izzy's life as a girl.  I'd suggest this one, which is her first post.

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