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Monday, October 29, 2018

They can't take it away from me

........being female is something in which there is always more to learn. This is the thing that so many of those speed transitioners I mentioned earlier so often get wrong, they spend their 18 months collecting medical procedures like gold stars on a coffee shop reward card and then emerge at the other end without socialisation, it hasn't magically made them a woman in anything but if they are lucky, looks. They either fall flat on their faces and begin the socialisation process a bit wiser, or they retreat into that internalised transphobia and become embittered and afraid of their own shadows in case anyone inevitably figures out their pasts. It's no way to live.

What a nice post, from Jenny, and it says a lot. She's had her gender confirming surgery and she's bitter about how long it has taken to get through the UK medical system; nearly 10 years.  But, that's not the message.  That 10 years of waiting had a positive side to it.  Read, They can't take it away from me, for the details.

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