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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

“They Look Normal” – The Case For Puberty Blockers

Faced with this difficult choice any parent might question the advice of the GIDS team. But if it was my child I would do some research.  I would check every footnote and ask who benefited from every intervention on offer. I would reject simple or emotive answers and would have no patience with euphemism or bland reassurance. I would think hard because the future happiness of my child was in my hands.

The title may be deceiving in that it actually questions the case for puberty blockers.  I wish to hell that puberty blockers were around when I was a child, because I would indeed look like a normal female now, but the author of this post has some well thought out points as to why it's not a simple yes when a doctor or therapist suggests a parent's child go on puberty blockers.  

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