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Thursday, October 24, 2019

The essay 'I am a transsexual'

As I read through the paper from Harry Benjamin I find different essays buried inside. I will pull them out and put them here. One of the interesting ideas I find is that so very little has changed, and that this information is out there is recorded and yet we still struggle against society and the medical community. Our plight is improving and maybe in another 100 yrs our will not suffer the way we have. I can only hope. Any way here is an essay title 'I am a transsexual' author unknown.

A nice find, from Bree, who was once a very prolific blogger.


  1. Calie, you are doing yeoman's work digging into these old blogs! I used to correspond with Bree, but had forgotten her. So many sisters have come and gone on.

  2. Hi Leslie. Brea and also used to correspond often. Don't know what happened to her. I thought that perhaps doing this re-post might bring her back to blogging.

    Calie xx


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