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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Shifting Sands

I read these articles with two sets of eyes. The first were my medical eyes: was this the sort of thing that, as a doctor, would be helpful for me to read? The answer is clearly yes. The second were my transgender eyes: was this the sort of thing that, as a trans person myself, I would want doctors to read and know? The answer is also a clear yes. There is no doubt that transgender people are becoming more and more visible; their care has been, in the main, not that great; most doctors have very little training in care of transgender people, and reliable resources for doctors to draw upon are few.

If you're like me, someone who is always trying to learn more about the science of being trans, you may want to read this post, from Vivienne.  She found a magazine in her hospital with some really good articles.  Best of all, it's all on the Web, for us to read.  You can find the link, and a review, in Vivienne's post, Shifting Sands.

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