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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jocelyn’s First Wig Adventure

This post means quite a bit to me. It is the reason I keep doing this blog. I have recently considered shutting it all down, I do that often. The truth of the matter is, this is work. And it is work that I get paid nothing for. I get no direct human feedback, from real people in the real world. E-mails, comments, all wonderful, but they are virtual. But this is a labor of love. This place also apparently means something to some beautiful people. Jocelyn is one of them. She reached out to me through the “Contact” page on November 28 and here she is, sharing with out little community. She is a genuinely beautiful person and I am privileged to run this post.


This is a nice post, that may bring back memories for many.  It's a guest post, from Jocelyn, on Kandi's blog.  Thanks to both of you for sharing thoughts that so many can relate to.

Thanks, Kandi, for the link to T-Central on your links page.

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