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Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Recipe For Happiness

Was I happy? Hardly. The person I had spent over forty years loving and 'trying to make happy' said what I was doing was wrong. She told me she wouldn't live with a woman and be thought of as a lesbian. I was very unhappy. I wanted the two of us to be 'the Halle girls'. So this taught me that one transitions to be authentic, not to be happy. Do not let anyone con you into thinking that by transitioning you will 'find happiness'. That is horse-pucks. 


If you have followed Halle throughout the years, you know that she's had her ups and downs.  Now, fully transitioned for several years, she has found happiness.

If you're trans, and fairly new to blogging, this is a really good blog to read from start-to-finish.  You'll learn so much, not only about Halle, but about yourself.  You'll read about her early days, when she not only found new friends, but found herself.  She's one of the few bloggers who has continued writing well beyond her social and physical transition.  She's just a wonderful human being, and so many can benefit from her life experience.

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