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Saturday, July 17, 2021


The thing is it was such a proper full-on genuine British summer day that I just wanted to wear my denim shorts. You know, the ones with the turn ups, lovely soft stitching on the back pockets and the odd discrete blue crystal whether pocket studs would normally sit. They’re also the shorts that I’ve worn to the death with pocket linings that have split and hold nothing more than hopethat they’ll survive another wash.



Hannah, wearing her tee and denim shorts, and with her beautiful long hair getting a bit of curl due to the humidity, looked a bit more feminine than usual when she went to visit her Mum by the sea.  How did this go?  How did her Mum react?  Go here for the rest of the story which is, as usual, wonderfully written in a manner in which you, the reader, might have actually been right there with them.

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