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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

city ​​and park

At the Rituals in the Rathausgalerien, I asked again about my favorite perfume, Poem d'Azar. Unfortunately, they obviously took that out of the repertoire. Incomprehensible to me - it was simply stunning.


Although Violetta is new to T-Central, she certainly is not a new blogger, since she's been blogging since 2017.

Violetta is from Austria, and you'll notice that her blog is not in English.  There is, however, a translate button near the top right of her home page.

Do enjoy her blog.  in the latest post, city ​​and park, you find plenty of photos of Violetta along with some beautiful scenery.


  1. Thanks for listing my Blog. That is very nice. Greetings from Austria.


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