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Monday, March 27, 2023

Are men hard wired to be sexist?

For years there has been laws and education to change people's mindset, and to a fair extent this has worked and continues to do so. But I still wonder why when young lads get into the pub they can't resist making sexist or lewd comments as a lady walks past.


Good post, from Andrea.  She has some comments regarding the question, above, and asks for your opinion.

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  1. Sometimes it comes down to "birds of a feather flock together." As a male my male friends do not engage in that sort of group behavior. Most will even avoid those drinking establishments. I think it is learned behavior. My wife is an army veteran who had to go to a special unemployment office in Manhattan. Every week when she reported in to get her benefits the construction workers/hard hats did the cat-calls and sexual harassment. Finally, she had enough and in military parlance "tore them all a new @sshole" to the extent the security guard had to intervene. She asked them whether any of them would like it if their wives or daughters had to endure their sexist degrading remarks. It set all of them are their collective butts. This sort of talk will not stop until fathers stop. My wife, that veteran, is a retired elementary school teacher and she has heard to much degrading comments coming from kindergarten age boys. It's disgusting.


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